NGO in city conducts awareness on ‘Golden Hour’ period

Chennai: Vehicle speeds off, hits another vehicle and the driver meets with an accident.

All this happens, little do we bother to help and choose move on with our lives. Not often do we realise that tending the wounds immediately would save a life.

‘Golden Hours’, as it is known in medical terms, is the period of time after an injury where prompt first aid treatment will increase the chances of the victim’s survival rate.

Thankfully, the Good Samaritan Act was passed a few years ago, in an attempt to save lives. As far as India is concerned, people presume that helping an accident victim will land the saviour in prison.

It has been two years since the Act was passed, yet the situation is still the same.

In an attempt to catalyse change and create awareness, Thozhan, an NGO, at Ambattur in the city, which has been working towards a smooth traffic flow and first aid to accident victims is organising a campaign on the Good Samaritan Act and Golden Hour recently.

“A recent finding shows that almost 77 per cent of the bystanders back off as they still fear that they would be held up legally. People in the country are still ignorant of the Act that was passed and they continue to do so,” said Radhakrishnan, convenor, Thozhan.

“As a result of which, the survival rate of an accident victim comes down by 50 per cent. We believe a mass awareness campaign is the only way to throw some light on the Act that could save thousands of lives,” added Radhakrishnan.

Talking about the traffic problems in Ambattur, Veeramani Sekar, a resident, says,”It is the signal in Ambattur OT where bottlenecks are common as it connects several parts of the city. Every week, I create awareness and I hope this campaign sheds more light about the Act and Golden Hour.”


Thangal Park, Thiru Venkatanagar Park, Krishnapuram Park and Ambattur OT Park. To take part, SMS GSTAC to 99411 42188.