‘Annanuku Jai’ from 17 August

Chennai: Political satire Annanukku Jai starring Dinesh of Attakathi, Cuckoo and Visaaranai fame will release on 17 August.

The film is all about how a carefree youngster gets into the murky political world.

Directed by newcomer Rajkumar, Mahima Nambiar of Kuttram 23 fame plays Dinesh’s romantic interest in the film. Veteran actor Radha Ravi plays the baddie while Mayilsamy and Vayapuri will also be seen in important roles.

Produced by acclaimed filmmaker Vettrimaran’s Grassroot Film Company, Arrol Corelli of Pisaasu fame has composed music for the film and all the songs are slowly getting positive feedback from listeners.

Shooting for the movie began in 2016. Finally Vettrimaran has decided that the movie would be out 17 August.