Improper garbage collection system irk Chennaiites

Chennai: “Garbage dumping in Porur is a perennial problem. Now residents are encountering another issue, which is improper collection of waste. In the main streets, civic workers do not collect them regularly,” says Sundar, a resident of Ramapuram in the city.

“Sometimes the garbage overflow and conservancy workers come during peak hours to clear them and this leads to traffic jams.”

The ongoing SWD works has narrowed the width of the roads. The presence of garbage makes it even more difficult for people to use the surfaces.

“It would be nice if Corporation lorries come early and empty the bins. When they come late, it leads to traffic jams,” he adds.

He also says that workers do not clean garbage from inner areas of Moulivakkam, Mugalivakkam and Kundrathur.

“We have requested the authorities to allocate enough workers to clear garbage regularly, but there is no improvement,” he informs.

Unnikrishnan, a native of Kerala, says,”In our native place, the municipality (in Kerala) had a scheme where we could deposit plastic waste at designated dumps. This would be taken by the contracted agency where the plastic was reused after processing. Such schemes should be devised here.”

A clean locality helps people lead a healthy life. Children should be taught on dumping waste in bins and avoid plastic, he adds.

This news report is based on the inputs of Sundar, a resident of Ramapuram. He is our Journalist of the Week.