Non-Cong, non-BJP parties should come to power: Owaisi

Asaduddin Owaisi

Hyderabad: Alleging that the Congress and BJP have not been able to reflect the country’s diversity, AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi Wednesday said that a non-Congress, non-BJP government of regional parties should come to power after the next Lok Sabha elections.

Saying that India’s politics cannot be bipolar, he claimed that the country’s diversity is not being reflected by the BJP and the Congress.

“That’s why I am of the opinion that this pluralism, diversity has to be reflected by regional parties coming together. Definitely, I am of the opinion that this country deserves a non-Congress, non-BJP government,” he said, speaking at a ‘Meet the Press’ organised by the Press Club of Hyderabad.

The Congress and BJP have not been able to deliver on governance, federalism and every aspect of what they promised, he alleged. “So, definitely after the result comes, I am of the opinion that the regional parties would play a very, very important role in who becomes the next Prime Minister of this great nation of ours,” Owaisi said.

Attacking the Congress, he claimed that its president Rahul Gandhi would have to explain why his party supported the NDA government on the triple talaq issue. “Their secularism is one of deception,” he said.

Asked if he would go with the Congress post-elections in Telangana, he expressed confidence that the eight candidates fielded by his party in the Assembly polls would win and TRS regains power. On the Congress and BJP criticising him for not fielding candidates across his own state of Telangana while putting up nominees in other states, he said MIM did not contest in Karnataka.

“We will decide our party policy, irrespective of what the other political party is saying. So, for Telangana, our strategy is that we want to contest eight seats and that is our political strategy,” he said.

Asked about Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray’s claim that the Central government planned to stage riots on Ram temple issue with the help of AIMIM, he said the MNS took his name for political reasons.

“Your (MNS) graph is falling down. They feel that Owaisi is a tablet or by taking Owaisi’s name, they will get warmth in their body… Take it. No problem,” he said.

“But I would like to ask him why you are attacking people from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. You say that we riots…Your party attacks people from UP, Bihar. Why are you doing it. First do soul-searching.Maybe you have to take Owaisi’s name to remain alive. Keep taking….,” he said.