2 killed in Viralimalai Jallikattu in TN; Event enters world record

Pudukottai: Two of participants were killed and 31 men, including spectators, were injured at the jallikattu event held in Viralimalai, Pudukottai, in Tamilnadu on Sunday.

The event was coordinated by Tamilnadu Health Minister C Vijayabaskar. With a total of 1,354 bulls and 424 tamers participating, the event entered the world record for maximum number of bulls released into the sporting arena.

According to a Worldkings World Records Union representative the number of bulls that participated this year was double than the previous record two years ago, which was 647.

It was reported that initially 2,000 bulls were planned to be released into the sporting arena, but it could not be completed due to want of more time.

Talking about the event,Vijayabaskar said it was the highest number of bulls in a single day and he was happy to have coordinated the jallikattu, a sport of valour of the Tamil people.