Senior citizen teaches waste treatment to Chennai Corpn officials

Chennai: Those who think big and work hard to achieve the target will definitely attain it, when they involve themselves in the task completely. One among such achievers is D Bagirathan (65), a retired Southern Railway loco pilot living at S & P Garden, Nolambur in nearby Tiruvallur district.

He developed interest in gardening and has brought awareness about it in the neighbourhood. Now, he is focussing on waste management. Many Corporation officials come to his house to know the formula for composting waste collected on the streets.

Speaking to News Today, Bagirathan said, “First, I thank News Today for helping me by publishing an article about the importance of roof-gardening. Many readers in and around Mugappair called me to know more about it. In Nolambur itself, more than 20 residents are now having roof garden after consulting me. They are now getting organic vegetables, fruits and greens at their home. I am doing this service from my heart and not for money.”

He added: “I got this idea when I worked as loco pilot in Southern Railway. As part of my work, I got training and experience in gardening. But I couldn’t implement it during those busy days. After retiring from Railways, I didn’t want to sit at home idle and pass time by watching television. I belong to an agricultural family from Madurantakam, so I concentrated on gardening. Initially, I had a small garden in front of my house, later I switched over to the terrace.”

Giving more details, Bagirathan said, “To get an organic product, we must make use of natural fertilisers like cattle waste, dried leaves from trees and plants. These waste get decomposed in a short period and become manure for new seeds. Knowing this, I started to collect leaves that drops on the streets along with civic workers.  Initially, the workers were surprised, looking at me. Later, they helped me in segregation. Watching my action, a few followed me. Our association president Issac asked me to develop a park in our area. So, waste collected on the streets is segregated and dumped in a pit for composting.”

Now, the park area is nourished and plants look green. “Officials from Chennai Corporation are visiting my house to know the easy method to decompose waste naturally by mixing a liquid purchased from Odisha. I am also taking classes for civic officials and workers struggling to manage leaves that litter several places.”

Bagirathan can be contacted at 93815 18181.