Rift widens: Thanga Tamilselvan threatens to reveal TTV’s secrets

File photo of Thanga Tamilselvan

Chennai: AMMK propaganda secretary Thanga Tamilselvan today said the party’s founder T T V Dhinakaran was acting like an one-man army, which was why people were deserting him.

He made the statement after Dhinakaran yesterday said he was not scared to remove Tamilselvan from the party post.

Speaking to a news channel, Tamilselvan said there was no reason for him to be a “pettipaambu” in front of Dhinakaran. “If they continue to talk against me, I too will have to talk many things about them,” he said.

“It is not like TTV is providing me food. Dhinakaran does not have the qualities to become a leader. He should have become the chief of a terrorist outfit, but is now leading a party. Only terrorists will use terms such as sleeper cells. How long can he cheat the people? He did not retrieve the two-leaves symbol and the 18 MLAs who trusted him have also lost their office. Does he know how the 18 MLAs’ families are affected?” he said.

T T V Dhinakaran

He added that TTV was spreading false information about him.

“If Dhinakaran is not going to listen to my opinions, I will have to criticise him. As a leader, he should have tolerated that and should have spoken to me,” he said.

He further said he was not going to join any party and no one has spoken to him about it either.

“I have not spoken to Thangamani or Velumani but TTV is saying that I am being manipulated by them. It is not possible to make AMMK grow by destroying AIADMK. I will stay quiet till my next move. In the future I will become a political critic,” he added.