Ramapuram gets “third eye”

Photo file of CCTV camera

CHENNAI: While there is an alarming rise in the crime rate in and around Porur, the residents of Ramapuram have come up with a precautionary method to safeguard the residents. The Kurinji Nagar House Owners’ Welfare Association installed a number of 75 CCTV IP (Internet Protocol) cameras with 5 MP resolution.

The installing ceremony was conducted in the locality recently. It was inaugurated by Deputy Commissioner of Police. This operation of IP cameras in Kurunji Nagar cover the First and Second Main Roads and 10 connecting crossroads, which is approximately half a square kilometre area. All these cameras are connected to a centralised system located at the association office.

The association organized a grand ceremony for the launch of CCTVs. Officials from police department, corporation, metro water, electricity board, representatives and office-bearers of the various residents’ welfare associations attended the function. They also congratulated the office bearers of the association who completed the task within a short span of two months.


Deputy Commissioner of Police, D Ashok Kumar was the chief guest of the ceremony. He inaugurated the operation of the CCTV cameras. During his speech, he highlighted how the police department has solved several difficult cases through CCTV camera footage and given the statistical account of reduction in crime rate in Chennai with the help of CCTV footages.
The increase in crimes in our city can be blamed on migrants from other states. They stay here for a while, scan the locality, indulge in theft and later vacate the place. In such cases, “CCTV footages are of great help,” said the police department


“It is satisfying to know that someone is there to back us up. Now, we also want to co-operate with the members and help them with their various initiatives, many of which are eye-openers to the residents here. We will support the association with their mission in the future too,” said a resident of Mangala Nagar, Kumudha.


School students in Kurinji Nagar involved in raising awareness about CCTVs by enacting skits. They performed well and received appreciations from residents. Mementoes were given to all participants.