‘Bapasi does not have any political affiliation’

Chennai: Bapasi has said that the organisation has been conducting book fair for the past 43 years just to increase the reading habits of the people and added that it does not have any political affiliation.

“The elected members of the organisation will hold office for two years. The book fair is being organised with the support of the Central and State governments which ever party comes to power. The stalls are alloted by a committee after clearly explaining the terms and conditions that has to be followed,” a release said.

The release further said those who violate will be first warned and if the violation is not corrected, the stall will be asked to be vacated.

“This year 101 was alloted to Makkal Seidhi Maiam News Private Limited. Since they had violated the norms, the stall was asked to be vacated. Initially, they agreed to oblige, but later Anbazhagan from the Stall refused to leave. He had also indulged in a quarrel with BAPASI’s secretary S K Murugan and had tried to attack him. In self defence Murugan registered a complaint at the Saidapet police station,” the release said and added that the complaint was not given due to any political influence.