CBI begins enquiry in Sathankulam case

Chennai: CBI has begun investigations into the Santhankulam custodial torture which led to the deaths of Jeyaraj and his son Bennix.

It is said that one the first day of the investigation, the team found new truths in the case. This morning, the CBI team split into two and began carrying out a probe.

While one team focused on quizzing the family members and neighbours of the incident, another team visited the police station where the incident took place.

The team met with Jeyraj’s wife and daughter. They will also meet the policewoman who came forward as a witness in the case.

As part of the probe, the confession statements of family, friends and eye-witnesses will be re-examined.

It is said that the investigations may have new revelations. The investigating team is going through all the records and finding, they have found new CCTV footage and proof. They will also inspect the blood stained clothes of Jeyaraj and Bennix and conduct an inquiry with the doctors.

They will cross verify the time of the incident. It is allegedly there are 18 places where the bloodstains of the father-son duo could be found in the police station.

The investigation is led by ADSP Vijayakumar Singh and inspectors Poonam Kumar, Anurasingh, Pawan Kumar, Sushant Kumar, Silender Kumar, Ajay Kumar and Sachin.

Viral video taken down, Magistrate visits accused cops

The viral video by singer and radio jockey Suchitra which garnered nation-wide attention to the case has been taken down. It is said that the CB-CID directed Suchitra to take down her video.

The singer deleted the video from her social media accounts. The video allegedly showed the State police department in badlight.

Meanwhile, Magistrate Bharathidasan visited Kovilpatti prison to conduct an inquiry with the accused policemen lodged here. Ten policemen, including Inspector of Police Sridhar are in jail for the murders.