Chennai’s link with digital vaccine candidate for corona

Chennai: In the global race against time for a Covid-19 vaccine, Chennai-based serial entrepreneur and investor Bhargav Sri Prakash, founder and CEO of health tech pioneer – FriendsLearn – has expanded a longstanding partnership with data scientists and AI researchers at the Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, USA) to undertake a proposed population health human trial with a Digital Vaccine candidate (FYA-003) for COVID-19.

This initiative is led by a healthcare informatics and analytics expert in the field – Prof. Rema Padman – and her team, through innovative extensions of the Digital Vaccine Project, said a press release.

Digital vaccines have been described as a new frontier of disease prevention through technology that enables neuro-behavior and physiological modulation to protect health at individual and societal scale. Carnegie Mellon University featured digital vaccines as a top breakthrough in technology as part of their Year in Review annual publication, which is especially noteworthy, given that Carnegie Mellon University is the birthplace of Artificial Intelligence.

After nearly a decade of fundamental neuroscience discoveries and translational scientific research in the use of AI and mobile-VR technologies, digital vaccines emerge with vast potential to disrupt the world of medicine, through a focus on precision prevention vs. precision medicine.

FriendsLearn already delivers non-invasive, low-risk and clinically-proven digital vaccine technology through a game-like, mobile App called FOOYA! for children to download on iOS / Android / PCs. The app is also available through select partner schools in India.