Shilpa Shetty tries archery

Actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra has shared a new video stressing on the importance of sports, on the occasion of National Sports Day on Saturday. In the Instagram video, she is seen trying her hand at archery.

A child’s mind and body are like wet clay. So, I believe it is imperative that we introduce our kids to as many sporting activities as is possible.

It helps inculcate sportsman spirit, a sense of healthy competition, ample physical activity, and is a good way to build an appetite. Also, once they take a liking to a sport and develop the habit of experimenting with other sporting activities, it helps them stay active well into their adulthood too, Shilpa wrote with the post.

She added: ‘But, kids learn best when they see us doing what we ask them to do. So, back in those days when outdoor activities were a part of our lives, I decided to learn a new sport, archery on a trip… (never too old to learn) not bad for a beginner, must say.’