Winning laurels reprising a meme

Elnaaz Norouzi surprises everyone with her reprisal of the rasode meme which is breaking the internet.

Kokilaben rasode mein kaun tha meme has been spreading like wildfire. Elnaaz lip synced to it and it’s hilarious and different. She does a little dance to finish it up.

These are the times of memes and they have taken off big time. Elnaaz hits it bang on with her lip sync to this and we are mightily impressed.

Elnaaz says, ‘I really love the musical version created by Yashraj Mukhate. It’s hilarious and I thought to do something with it. Now that it’s winning the internet, I am very happy that my fans are loving it. I just thought to give something to my fans. Amongst other things, let’s keep safe and lets follow the protocols. The situation is getting worser now. It’s time to really follow the rules to protect ourselves and others as well.’