Simulation tech improves quality in mfg industry

Chennai: In the current highly competitive business environment, the manufacturing industry is facing constant challenges of producing innovative products at shortened time-to-market.

On the contemporary path, technology transformation pushes past the conventional manufacturing process, innovatively and promptly.

The need for efficiency in the manufacturing industry has never been greater and successful companies need to ensure that the costs associated with time, equipment and other investments are being considered and optimised.

Detroit Engineered Products (DEP) said its proprietary product development platform MeshWorks, is a simulation tool that enables manufacturing organisations to increase throughput, identify process bottlenecks and inefficiencies within the production line.

In manufacturing, simulation technology significantly impacts many decisions like project complexities and challenges. With MeshWork’s simulation-driven-design technology opportunities to change the manufacturing processes are made available at the early stages of design and development.

This in turn leads to increased structural efficiencies achieved by minimising the weight of components and assemblies, ultimately resulting in optimised products.