Tanushree Dutta gives major fashion goals

Tanushree Dutta recently shot some exclusive collections of Indian attires. Each of her outfits stand out individually. 

Tanushree has been in great shape and she has invested a major amount of time on her fitness regime and her diet.

She says, ‘Confidence plays a huge part of me. I have really been putting in the time and thought to health and fitness. Both physical and mental. Mental health is extremely important in every aspect and we neglect it the most. Things are bright now and that possibly reflects on camera as well. Its a synergy that I have been able to put together. I am grateful to god for having such a supportive family and friends. Everything that’s on camera is a team effort and I literally feel it. Thank you to all the fans and well wishers for loving what I put out and that motivates me to keep going and doing better each day.’