Review: Rudhra Thandavam

After a controversial outing in Draupadi, filmmaker Mohan G is back with Rudra Thandavam which speaks about misuse of PCR Act particularly against honest cops.

Set in the story of drug mafia, the movie boldly takes sides. The director also touches upon religious conversions.
Richard who played the lead in Draupadi is back to play a tough cop caught in a controversy in Rudra Thandavam.

His travails to bring a halt to drug mafia in city lands him in soup. Booked under PCR Act for death of a youngster arrested for selling ganja, Rudran faces troubles in his personal life after altercations with his wife.

The rest of the movie is all about how he wages a legal battle to prove his innocence and that PCR Act is being misused in most cases.

Richard has come far from his performance in Draupadi. He is more settled and tries to emote well. The first half projects him as a tough cop on a mission. And his emotional battle to prove that he is upright makes up the rest. Darsha as Richard’s pregnant wife is adequate.

Radharavi as an advocate arguing for a purpose does well and Thambi Ramiah as Richard’s associate adds credibility bro his role. JSK Gopi does well as cop. However the scene stealer is Gautham Menon as antagonist. He with his subtle performance adds strength to his character. His scenes with Richard backed by powerful dialogues goes down well.

Music composer Jubin and cameraman Farooq J Basha does a good job.
Though there a few lacunae in execution, Rudra Thandavam discussed an issue that opens up a debate.