Review: Sivakumarin Sabatham

Written, directed and enacted by Hip Hop Adhi, Sivakumarin Sabatham is a breezy entertainer aimed at 2K kids. Produced by Sathya Jyothi Films, it champions the cause of silk weavers in kanchipuram, who are languishing in poverty.

Hip Hop Adhi has not tried to go preachy. He has tried to make it a commercial entertainer with last few reels speak about the plight of weavers in the temple town. As his earlier films, Hip Hop Adhi has opted the funny route.

He keeps it straight, simple and inconsistently funny at many places.

Aadhi plays Sivakumar, grandson of a popular silk weaver Varadharajan (Ilango Kumanan) lives a happy life in Kanchipuram. A typical middle class youth, his grand dad and friends are his world. Things go wrong as his grand father’s legacy of silk weaving gets halted. A few problems in their family now compels Aadhi to set everything right. He vows to achieve it. How and at what coast is the crux.

Aadhi as an actor overshines the director in him. He emotes well and come good in dance and comedy. He has action scenes to do too. Madhuri plays a typical heroine while Prankster Rahul chip in with a strong role. Illango Kumanan plays a dotting old man. Does well too.

Music by Aadhi is targeted at youngsters. And the choreography and way they have been shot are good. Had the characters been written more strong and more conviction in execution, Sivakumarin Sabatham could have been crisp and strong.