Review: Lift

Tamil cinema has seen plenty of horror films and coming out with a movie on that genre with a never-seen-before premise is a challenge.

Lift has managed to win the battle. Director Vineeth Varaprasad has come up with a film that speaks about two IT guys, who get trapped in a tech company and the lift at the office makes them run around after some horror experiences.

Bigg Boss fame Kavin makes his debut on big screen as hero. Amritha Iyer is the heroine.

Guru (Kavin) comes to work in an IT company in Chennai. He meets Harini (Amitha Iyer) a HR professional in the firm. On night, Guru stays alone in the company to finish a project.

He comes across spine-chilling moments and his attempts to escape from the office goes futile. After some time, he realises Harini is also caught in the same building. The two now come together to find a way out.

How they escape and why spirits wander there forms the rest.

The backstory is interesting and engaging. The director has given a different spin to it. Kavin passes the muster as actor and does well. A good beginning for him on silver screen. Amritha Iyer looks charming and performs well.

Britto Michael’s background score and Yuva’s camera add strength. The movie also speaks about the travails and pressures youngsters face in IT company.

Credits to director for a decent and honest job. Lift engages in most parts.