AAP slams Amit Shah, says BJP is afraid

New Delhi: In his first visit to Punjab after the Assembly election result, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who was in Chandigarh, said the government employees in the Union Territory will be able to get the benefits that Central employees enjoy.

‘I want to give a good news to employees of the Chandigarh administration. From today, service conditions of employees of the Chandigarh administration will now be aligned to that of the Central civil services. You (employees) are going to benefit in a big way,’ he said.

Shah said the retirement age of employees in the Union Territory will now go up from 58 to 60 years. Women employees will now get child care leave of two years from the current one year.

The announcement evoked sharp reactions from the Aam Aadmi Party. ‘From 2017 to 2022 Congress ruled Punjab. Amit Shah didn’t take away Chandigarh powers then. As soon as AAP formed Govt in Punjab, Amit Shah took away Chandigarh’s services. BJP is scared of AAP rising footprint,’ AAP’s Manish Sisodia, who is also Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister tweeted.