Our world is in big trouble, says UN chief Guterres

United Nations : With those explosive words, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres opened the high-level meeting of the General Assembly on Tuesday listing the crisis upon crisis piled upon the world.He listed them: war, conflicts, climate change, hunger, financial crises, challenges of runaway technology developments, hate speech, global divisions and inequalities, and massive human rights violations.”The United Nations Charter and the ideals it represents are in jeopardy,” he said. “And yet we are gridlocked in colossal global dysfunction”.In the midst of the gloomy prognosis, Guterres projected on the giant screens at the General Assembly chamber the image of a ship navigating the troubled waters of the Black Sea.It was the ship, Brave Commander, carrying food grains from Ukraine to Africa and he called it “an image of promise and hope” in “the hell of war”.”At its essence, this ship is a symbol of what the world can accomplish when we act together,” he said, mentioning the diplomatic efforts of the UN, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey for ships with foodgrains to break through the stalemate at the UN in dealing with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”In truth, it is multilateral diplomacy in action”, he said.Assembly President Csaba Korisi echoed Guterres’s alarm at the global situation and also the hope.Korosi said: “A landmark agreement on commercial grain exports from the world’s breadbasket offers hope. Diplomacy is at work to release fertilisers so that the shortages we see today do not become the famines of next year.”