LaLiga launches Video Review System

LaLiga strengthens its position as a leader in cutting-edge technology during Matchday 27 in LaLiga Santander and Matchday 34 in LaLiga SmartBank by launching an innovative system called the “Video Review System”. Through a powerful Surface Pro device equipped with Microsoft technology that LaLiga will make available to all clubs, their technical teams will be able to review actions in great detail from different camera angles in the technical area and the home and away benches at every fixture from this matchday onwards. The service will have a dual medical and tactical function, which, among other things, will allow for more effective action or intervention in the event of injury. The initiative is part of the work that the Mediacoach area of LaLiga has been carrying out for years to help protect the health of players. The Video Review System (VRS) is a service that simultaneously provides a large portion of live video feeds from those used for broadcasting (TV production picture, master camera, close-up and tactical camera), via a Microsoft Surface Pro touchscreen device. The device also enables time-delayed playback to review a move immediately, zoom, looped replays for analysis of an action, multi-screen to view up to 4 different angles simultaneously, and other new playback controls. A multidisciplinary team of analysts and technicians will also be at the service of the clubs, both on the field and remotely, to resolve technical issues, in addition to the support provided by LaLiga’s Audiovisual and Match Directors departments.