KL Rahul should have come out in middle overs: Tom Moody

Former India cricketer Deep Dasgupta and former Australia cricketer Tom Moody recently shared their thoughts on KL Rahul’s late arrival to bat during the second innings of the match between LSG and RCB, after he sustained a thigh injury in the first innings. Dasgupta and Moody shared their differing opinions on when and why Rahul should have come out to bat and whether he would change the outcome of the game. Deep Dasgupta spoke on when he felt KL Rahul should have come out to bat, after the LSG captain succumbed to a thigh injury during the first innings. “See, top of the order, you would think, that you’re going to chase it, and your top order looks good. And you weren’t even thinking of KL Rahul batting or needing him to bat. But obviously, looking at the last over, 23 off six, you never know, four sixes, if it comes off. And you would expect that, he’s got that ability. But obviously, it was going to be difficult. And anyway he wasn’t running, so there was no chance of him getting runs like that,” he said. Meanwhile, former Australia cricketer Tom Moody also gave his opinion on why KL Rahul came in to bat so late in the innings. “I can’t really understand. If he was going to go in, he was supposed to go in during the middle of the game and see if he can hopefully hit you know three or four boundaries. Get a quick 12, 20, whatever it might be and hopefully cause no further damage to his injury. But walking out when he did, I think it was more pride than anything else, you know, he felt as captain he’s got pride in his performance and his team.”