PVR Pictures is now PVR INOX Pictures

With the merger of PVR and INOX forming PVR INOX Ltd, the motion picture arm has been renamed as PVR INOX Pictures. PVR and INOX, India’s largest film exhibition brands, have merged to form PVR INOX and operates a network of 1,689 cinema screens in 361 properties across 115 cities in India and Sri Lanka, and holds 43 per cent share of multiplex screens in India. It has the highest admissions per screen and the fifth highest screen count in the world. PVR INOX combines two strong leadership teams and the most premium sites across India and Sri Lanka. “PVR INOX Pictures (formerly PVR Pictures) will aspire to be the most innovative, exciting and fun place to share your stories with India. With two large forces coming together, the scale of opportunities is unprecedented. PVR INOX Pictures will continue to serve as a partner to the content producers across the globe and expand the quality and depth of content that is made available to Indian consumers,” said Sanjeev Kumar Bijli, Executive Director of the company. “PVR INOX Pictures is better positioned than ever to generate value for international producers, sales agents, the independent film community and studios,” Bijli added. [1:05 AM, 5/18/2023] Bharath Kumar NT: Tesla will advertise for the 1st time Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk told company shareholders on Tuesday that the company will advertise for the first time in its history, CNN Business reported. “We’ll try a little advertising, and see how it goes,” Musk said in response to a shareholder at the company’s annual meeting in Austin, Texas, Tuesday. The crowd was overwhelmingly positive about Musk and Tesla. But none of his promises — from the tease of two new products he anticipates introducing next year, to a vow to remain Tesla’s CEO for the foreseeable future, — received as positive a reaction from the audience as his advertising decision, CNN Business said. “I didn’t realise people wanted it that much,” he sa