Thousands throng temples to pay obeisance on Aadi Ammavasai


A large number of devotees performed puja to their ancestors on the occasion of Aadi Ammavasai at various temples across Tamilnadu today.

The month of Aadi holds great importance in Tamil culture. It is said to be the month wherein divine forces bless the earth with grace. On this holy day, offering Pitru Tarpanam for your forefathers helps their soul to attain salvation & bestow blessings upon you.

Devotees gathered in large number af Rameswaram, Thiruchendur, Sathuragiri Hills and Mylapore Kapaleeswarar temple among other places to offer Puja for ancestors. After performing ‘tharpanam’ the rituals in the Agnitheertham Sea in front of the eastern entrance of the Rameswaram Sri Ramanatha Swamy temple, large number of people – men, women and children took holy bath in the sea and paid their oblations praying for the souls of their ancestors to rest in peace and seek their blessings.