Approaching SC is the way out, says Anbumani on Cauvery issue 

PMK (Pattali Makkal Katchi) president Anbumani Ramadoss emphasised that approaching the Supreme Court is the only viable solution to secure the release of Cauvery water. Ramadoss’s remarks came amidst growing concerns over the dire situation faced by Tamil Nadu farmers due to water scarcity.

Ramadoss stressed that merely meeting with Union Ministers to request the release of Cauvery water has proven ineffective in the past. He argued that even if the Union government were to direct the Karnataka government to release the water, there is little hope that they would comply. As a result, he believes that legal intervention is essential to resolve the longstanding water dispute.

“The only way is the Supreme Court,” Anbumani Ramadoss declared during a press interaction at the airport, highlighting the urgency of the matter. He urged the Tamil Nadu state government to petition the Apex Court to expedite the case, emphasizing the severe consequences of further delays. Ramadoss pointed out that with each passing day, the region’s crops are withering, endangering the livelihoods of countless farmers.

Drawing attention to the significant disparity in water storage, Ramadoss noted that the Karnataka dam holds a substantial 64 thousand million cubic feet (TMC) of water, whereas the Mettur dam in Tamil Nadu has a meager 15 TMC. This stark contrast highlights the dependency of Tamil Nadu on the Cauvery river’s water supply for agricultural purposes.