Rajiv assassination case convicts deported to SL

Chennai: Three convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, who had spent several decades incarcerated in Indian prisons, have finally returned to their home country, Sri Lanka.

Murugan, Jayakumar, and Robert Payas, who were released from Tiruchy special camp after their recent release, departed for Sri Lanka from Chennai airport on Wednesday morning under tight security measures.

Escorted from Tiruchy special camp to Chennai airport, the three convicts underwent rigorous security checks before boarding a Sri Lankan Airlines flight bound for Colombo. Their departure marks the culmination of a legal saga that lasted 35 years, stemming from the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

The return of Murugan, Jayakumar, and Robert Payas to their native Sri Lanka follows the recent death of their fellow convict Santhan, who passed away at a Chennai hospital while awaiting permission to return home.

The Centre’s decision to grant permission for their repatriation signifies the resolution of long-standing legal battles and discussions surrounding the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. The convicts’ release and subsequent return to Sri Lanka bring closure to a chapter of profound significance in India’s history.

Notably, the Sri Lankan High Commission issued passports to the released convicts on March 26, facilitating their journey back to their homeland. As they embark on their return, the convicts leave behind a complex legacy intertwined with legal proceedings, political debates, and the enduring memory of a tragic event that reverberated throughout the nation.

The departure of Murugan, Jayakumar, and Robert Payas from Indian soil underscores the culmination of a tumultuous chapter in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, while also heralding a new chapter as they return to their homeland after years of incarceration.