Peace, stability

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Saturday that solving the Palestinian issue will promote stability in the Middle East region. Abbas described the United States’ veto in denying Palestine’s full membership in the United Nations as “disappointing, irresponsible, and unjustified,” which is “a blatant aggression against the rights of the Palestinian people,” and “a challenge to the will of the international community,” Xinhua news agency reported.

The United States vetoed a draft UN resolution advocating for full membership for Palestine. Britain and Switzerland abstained, while the remaining members of the Security Council voted in favour.

Meanwhile, Abbas condemned the United States’ continued support for and weapon and fund supplies to Israel, with which, Abbas said, Israel “kills our children, demolishes our homes, and opposes us in the international community, harming security and stability in the region and the world.”The president stressed that stability in the Middle East will not be achieved without a just solution to the Palestinian issue, which “cannot be broken, liquidated, or subjugated.”