Usman Road Flyover closure leads to traffic diversions

The bustling thoroughfare of Usman Road in T. Nagar, South Chennai, has grabbed headlines due to a significant development— the closure of its flyover by the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) until December. This closure is anticipated to lead to substantial traffic diversions and congestion in the already bustling area of T. Nagar.

The GCC has initiated the closure to facilitate the demolition of 120 meters of the flyover’s down ramp, with the aim of connecting it to a new flyover currently under construction. Once the down ramp near Rangan Street is demolished, construction will commence to link it with the upcoming 1.2-kilometer flyover that will connect CIT Nagar and Panagal Park. As per GCC reports, more than 50% of the construction work on the south Usman Road steel flyover has already been completed.

However, the decision to close the Usman Road flyover was not without its challenges. GCC officials revealed that permission for the closure was delayed by over three months. Nevertheless, they remain optimistic about completing the entire project by December.

In light of the closure, vehicles traveling from north Usman Road towards T. Nagar bus stand will be rerouted, as they will be prohibited from using the flyover. Instead, vehicles will be directed to utilize the service road of the flyover, navigating through Prakasam Road, Baashyaam Road, Thyagaraya Road, and Burkit Road to reach the bus stand at T. Nagar.