Modi govt will be thrown out 4 June; Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal attacked the BJP during a road in Hariyana’s Kurukshetra on Tuesday. While addressing the public, Kejriwal asserted that the Modi government will not be formed on June 4 and appealed people of Haryana to vote for the INDIA alliance.

AAP leader said that the people of Haryana are brave and all the important movements began from this land, he further said that removing the dictatorship from the country will also begin from Haryana.

“On 4th June, Modi govt will not be formed…the movement to remove dictatorship from the country will begin from Haryana…INDIA alliance needs all 10 seats in Haryana,” Kejriwal said.

During his roadshow, Kejriwal expressed his confidence that the INDIA alliance will form the government on June 4. “I am giving you Kejriwal’s guarantee, INDIA alliance will form govt in the centre on 4th June,” he said.