Ramarajan rules out Karagattakkaran sequel

Veteran actor Ramarajan, known for delivering several successful films, has been absent from the silver screen for the past decade. However, he is making a comeback with the film Saamaniyan, produced by V. Mathiyazhagan under Etcetera Entertainment. The movie marks a significant return for Ramarajan, who is starring as the protagonist.

One notable highlight of Saamaniyan is the reunion of Ramarajan with music maestro Ilaiyaraaja after 23 years. The film is directed by R Rakesh and is set to release soon. Ramarajan shared various insights about the film and his comeback journey.

“I never left cinema. For the past ten years, I haven’t acted because I didn’t come across a suitable story or the stories I heard didn’t appeal to me. Additionally, in 2010, I met with a major car accident while returning from a meeting. It was a near-death experience, and recovering from it, I never imagined I would act again. It’s a miracle that I’m back, and I owe it to the prayers of my fans and the people of Tamil Nadu,” Ramarajan said.

He continued, “I chose to act in Saamaniyan because of director Rakesh’s story. It’s a unique narrative that I haven’t encountered before. It’s a story that fits both my era and the present day, featuring family elements, humour, and sophistication. It’s a well-rounded story that no one can resist. After watching the film, even men, not just mothers, will shed tears and feel deeply moved.”

Ramarajan addressed the absence of his trademark music and romantic duets in Saamaniyan, explaining, ‘In this film, there is no romantic lead paired with me, and initially, we faced some confusion about the music composer. Budget constraints were a concern, but many felt that Ilaiyaraaja’s music was essential for a Ramarajan film. When we approached Ilaiyaraaja, he expressed surprise that the film didn’t initially include any songs. He graciously agreed to compose one song for the film after hearing the story. His involvement has raised expectations for the film.’

Looking forward, Ramarajan confirmed that he plans to continue acting and has two more stories he is excited about. Future films will feature romantic leads and duets, ensuring that his fans receive what they expect from his films.

When asked about the possibility of a sequel to the iconic Karagattakkaran, Ramarajan stated, ‘Even director Gangai Amaran approached me about making a sequel. However, I declined. We have already showcased all the dances and songs in Karagattakkaran. There’s nothing more to add, so I said no. There won’t be a Karagattakkaran 2.’

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