TNCC urges partymen to emulate Rahul’s dedication

On Friday, Tamil Nadu Congress Committee (TNCC) President K. Selvaperunthagai called on party functionaries holding key positions to emulate the dedication and hard work of party leader Rahul Gandhi. Addressing the media after a meeting with District Congress Committee functionaries and party cadre in Tiruppur,  Selvaperunthagai emphasized the importance of responsibility and hard work for the party’s success.
He stressed that the strength of the Congress party is crucial for the protection of democracy in India. “The party with the lineage of Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘do or die’ approach will grow strong to protect the Nation,” Selvaperunthagai stated, highlighting the party’s historical commitment to the nation’s welfare.
Selvaperunthagai asserted that only the Congress party, with its legacy of securing India’s independence and fostering the nation’s progress, can effectively talk about real achievements. He pointed out that the last ten years under the BJP rule and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have witnessed significant declines across various sectors.
“Democracy in India can only be protected if the Congress party is strengthened. We must work tirelessly to ensure our party’s growth and success,” he urged the party members, emphasizing the need for a collective effort to rejuvenate the party’s presence and impact.