Bangladesh MP: Killers skinned, chopped body, used turmeric

Kolkata: The West Bengal police suspect that Anwarul Azim Anar, the slain Bangladesh member of parliament, could have been lured into a New Town flat in Kolkata by a woman and then murdered by contract killers.

Apart from the honeytrap angle, the police are also probing a US citizen’s role in the murder. Per the police, the person was the politician’s close friend and had allegedly paid ₹5 crore for the killing. The person, who owns a flat in the West Bengal capital, is currently in the United States.

The CID has found CCTV footage which showed Anar entering the flat with a man and a woman. The duo came in and out of the flat later, but the MP never emerged again.

“In the CCTV footage, the politician was seen entering the flat with the two persons. The duo was later seen coming out and re-entering the flat the next day but the MP was not seen again,” the officer told agency.

The duo later came out of the flat with a massive suitcase.

The police found blood stains inside the flat. Several plastic bags were also used to dump the body parts.

The police suspect that the MP was first strangulated. Later, his body was chopped into several pieces. The flesh was segregated from the bones and mixed with turmeric powder to delay decomposition.