Bigg Boss inmate Vanitha spews hatred on screen, earns it outside, too


Bigg Boss is undoubtedly the talk of the town. This can be proved by an incident I personally witnessed.

‘This Vanitha (one of the BB housemates) is the one who should be kicked out of the house this time.’

I heard this conversation in a theatre when I was watching Spiderman – Far from Home. The two family audience (might not be great fans of Spiderman) must have come for the sake of their children to see the movie. So, in the middle of the movie, they started discussing Bigg Boss.

Not only them, wherever you turn now, all you see is Bigg Boss memes, and all you hear is Bigg Boss stories.

Next Gayathri? No, the new Vanitha

During Bigg Boss season 1, one of the most hated contestants was said to be Gayathri. This is the story this season too. But the character is not regarded as the next Gayathri, but the ‘new Vanitha’. Already, there are a number of memes and trolls circulating on social media. With this being the case, she must be the Bigg Boss team’s favourite contestant. Yes, you heard me right. Such was the impact created by her for TRP (Television Rate Point) ratings.

Cheran, Saravanan

Why, women, why?

Everyone is not the same. Perceptions differ according to persons. Clearly, there is a huge difference of opinion among the male contestants – Cheran and Saravanan, as well as Mohan Vaidya and Sandy. But no outrages were made, no arguments were taken to the table, not ‘much’ backbiting. The ship sails as smooth as it is – till ‘now’. But girls?

Seriously? We lose our own mental stability while watching you guys fight. Pointing the finger at Vanitha, I would ask, ‘Woman? Who are you?’ – I was shocked at her arrogance.

Fathima Babu

First eviction

Amidst this chaos, the first eviction took place. The most expected contestant (who might have played it safe), Fathima Babu, got evicted. However, for Vanitha, even this senior news reader is no exception. She fought with her on two occasions for no reason at all. However, in her recent interview that went viral after eviction, Fathima tore her (Vanitha) to pieces saying, “Vanitha is Vanitha. Only God can save her.”

Losliya memes

Losliya the next Oviya?

After the first season, it is Losliya from the third season who has stolen a number of youngsters’ hearts. Not only them, with her calm and composed nature, she has got a huge family fan base. There is also an anthem composed for Losliya that went viral after Oviya’s anthem. Also, Dharshan, a male model, is winning hearts with his neutral stand and charming nature.

However, in this week’s nomination, contestants like Mohan Vaidya, Meera, Madhumitha, Vanitha and Saravanan have been nominated for eviction. With much hatred earned, will Vanitha be kicked out of the house this time? Or will she survive? All questions will be answered in a day.

(Article by P T Usha)

NT Bureau