The write way

The ground below started shifting long back. An undeniable and uncomfortable sense of irrelevance and lack of purpose was afflicting the writing community for quite some time. The belated tsunami struck me with full vigour during the recent three-month sabbatical, forced by a fall that stalled me physically, but kickstarted my introspective instincts. Continue Reading

The EC way out

Even by semi-official estimates, the slush cash used to bribe the voters of RK Nagar is around Rs 89 crs. Press freedom, previous experience and priority access to ‘sources that do not want to be identified’ allow us to round that off to Rs 100 crs. Indeed, last Friday was quite auspicious for IT kitty, if not for democracy. Continue Reading

Good riddance; great escape

The Supreme Court with just a stroke of the pen has incidentally called off a supreme calamity that was staring TN in the face. The conviction of CM wannabe and udan pirava sahodhari (UPS) of late, lamented J, along with J herself and two of the UPS clan, has saved the State, its people, the treasury, J’s party and possibly, her iconic Poes Garden residence too from near doom! Some dangerous debris is still littered on the landscape, but we hope the clean up will start soon. Continue Reading

Inauspicious Tidings

It seems to be time for all good, bad and ugly men and women to come to the aid of the party. The provocation for this rising din of unified voices from manifold walks of TN life is the disturbing rise of one of the most hated characters in recent political history. Never has the mood of multitudes been so manifest and of such magnitude against one person: V.K.Sasikala. The very mention or memory of her name evokes a primal revulsion that bursts from the core to the surface in a jiffy. Continue Reading