One out of 11 missing women of ‘Swadhar Grih’ found by police

Muzaffarpur: The police was abe to trace today one of the 11 women, gone missing from ‘Swadhar Grih‘, another shelter home run by the NGO of prime accused Brajesh Thakur in the infamous Muzaffarpur girls’ shelter case, involving sexual abuse of the girls living there.

“Out of the 11 women, who went missing from Swadhar Grih, one woman has been recovered today. The police are questioning her as to where had she gone, what had happened and for how long all these things had been going on..,” Muzaffarpur Senior Superintendent of Police Harpreet Kaur told reporters here.

Swadhar Grih, short stay home for women, is located on Sahu road, a few paces away from the infamous ‘Balika Grih,’ another shelter home run by Thakur’s NGO, Seva Sankalp Ewam Vikas Samiti, where 34 girls were found to have been sexually abused.

Thakur is presently in judicial custody in the case of the mental, physical and sexual exploitation of the girls at ‘Balika Grih‘ in Muzaffarpur.

The Social Welfare department had on July 30 lodged an FIR with the women’s police station on “disappearance” of 11 women, gone missing from the Swadhar Grih.

The SSP said a police inspector, Vinod Kumar, has been put under suspension for partially concealing from his seniors the facts of the case related top Swadhar Grih.

On 20 March this, a police team, including the inspector, had visited ‘Swadhar Grih‘ during a routine inspection but he had hid some facts from the senior officials, the SSP added, explaining the reason behind the action against him.