Marina for Karunanidhi: High Court rules in favour of DMK plea

Chennai: The ugly and unfortunate controversy over the final resting place of DMK leader Karunanidhi finally came to an end with the court ruling in favour of the party, bringing joy in a painful moment for the countless supporters of Karunanidhi, the last colossus of the Dravidian movement.
Madras High Court Acting Chief Justice Huluvadi G Ramesh and Justice S S Sundar observed in their judgement that the Tamilnadu government was not clear in  explaining the legal problems in granting a burial spot for Karunanidhi at Marina.
The emergency hearing for the case started at 11.30 pm yesterday and saw fierce arguments between the legal counsel of the DMK and government. The judges adjourned the case to this morning at 8.
The judges observed that the arguments made by the government advocates were more political than legal.
Even DMK founder C N Annadurai has said his life and his spirit is Karunanidhi. If we do not rest Karunanidhi’s mortal remains near Anna samadhi, people will be hurt deeply.
There are no legal tangles in the case pertaining to granting space for Karunanidhi’s resting place in Marina. All the reasons presented by the government are politically motivated.
Rajaji and Kamarajar’s ideology is different from Karunanidhi’s Dravidian ideology. We will not agree to Karunanidhi being laid to rest with leaders of different ideology.
If Karunanidhi is laid to rest near Gandhi Mandapam it will not be considered as respectful.
We are asking the government to grant space for resting Karunanidhi’s body inside the Anna samadhi complex. The State government does not need the Centre’s nod to grant permission. The government’s arguments against this are not valid legally.
One of the biggest icons of Dravidian moment – Periyar – does not have a memorial in the Marina.
When Karunanidhi was chief minister, he did not grant permission to bury MGR’s wife Janaki’s body in Marina.
The court should not compare Karunanidhi, who is not in power, with Jayalalithaa who was in power when she died.
We have huge respect for Karunanidhi. The DMK is trying to make this issue political. They planned and made all petitioners withdraw cases at the same time. This is unfortunate.
No one has the right to demand a burial at the Marina. The government is not showing any partiality in the matter.
There is no basis for the allegation that the government is showing partiality-
a press release is not a government order. You cannot file a case against it.