Four puppies found beheaded; FIR registered

Hyderabad: Four puppies have been found beheaded near here prompting animal activists to lodge a complaint with police.

An FIR has been registered in connection with the recovery of the beheaded carcasses, police said today.

Following a complaint by representatives of Humane Society International/India and local animal activists, a case was registered yesterday, Inspector G Shyamsundar told PTI.

The incident seems to have been committed around two to three days ago at Parthiwada, the Inspector said.

According to the complainants, the incident came to light when a local citizen visited the spot to find the mother dog and the carcasses of the puppies next to her and uploaded the video on social media.

Apoorva Katpatal, Cruelty Response Manager, HSI/India in a release said “We are appalled at the gruesomeness of the incident. We hope that the police will make the necessary arrests along with a psychiatric evaluation of the accused. If the perpetrator/s are not caught, he or she will move on hurting other people too.”

In July 2016, three puppies were allegedly burnt alive by a group of youngsters, one of whom recorded the gruesome act, at a graveyard in Musheerabad here.