Docs successfully operate multiple tumours in 22-year-old woman

Chennai: Westminster Healthcare has recently succeeded in operating multiple tumours in a 22-year-old woman.

Iswarya Mohan, the patient had consulted several doctors and underwent surgeries twice in the past. But all these proved to be futile as it did not subsidise her pain and it was learnt that the tumour was recurrent.

Upon the suggestion of senior orthopaedic surgeon Mayilvahanan Natarajan’s, she consulted Westminster Healthcare, where she underwent multifocal diagnosis, 3T MRI scan, to detect the problem.

Radiology – head of department, Navin Gnanasekaran who led the team of experts said,”There were several tumors in her right calcaneum (heel bone) which was missed to notice in the previous scans. Through right radiological diagnosis, we were able to detect the problem.

“RF Ablation was done for the most vascular lesions using just two small skin holes and no major cuts or surgery. In this 3-hour procedure which was technically difficult and challenging, we had to very carefully ablate the various tumours with the clinical outcome expected being that of pain relief. There were no complications, and after an hour of surgery, the patient was discharged on the same day.”

He further said it took us three hours to remove the benign vascular lesions with the radio frequency waves.

Owing to the complication, the team decided to char the two tumours which caused discomfort and pain in the first sitting and if the need arises, the remaining would be taken up.

It has to be noted that, the condition has affected only 12 patients since the dawn of medical history.