Nadigar Sangam elections postponed citing construction progress

Chennai: In a new development in the Tamil film industry, until a new building is put to use, the Nadigar Sangam has decided not to conduct any election.

It also has plans to host its next general body meeting in after that.

Secretary of the South India Artists Association actor Vishal, said they were taking efforts towards inaugurating the new building in March 2019.

After the 65th general body meeting, he said, “While our term ends in October, members who attended the meeting today told us that election is not needed for now, given the work we are doing.”

“While we respect their views, we are also looking at how we can do this within the norms in place,” the actor said, adding that they needed Rs 20 crore to complete the construction of the building.

Stating that this was a crucial time, actor Karthi, Sangam treasurer, said holding the election in two months would impede the construction progress.

“If we announce the election, I will not be able to write a cheque or do what is needed for the construction to continue without any hindrance. We do not want to stop the work in progress now for any reason and want to continue construction for the next six months,” he said.

Reacting to questions about the postponement of the election, actor Ponvannan, vice-president, said decisions were taken as per the wishes of the members.

“We have already informed them that we need six months. It is our responsibility to hand over the building to the next set of office-bearers smoothly,” he said.