Attakathi Dinesh speaks about political thriller ‘Annanukku Jai’

Dinesh appears as politician in ‘Annanukku Jai’

“State needs a change and it can happen only through politics. If ‘Annanukku Jai’ contributes a little towards it, I am happy for it,” says actor ‘Attakathi’ Dinesh.

‘Annanukku Jai’ is a political thriller produced by Vettrimaran and directed by Rajkumar. Plans are on for a release by the end of this month.

Speaking about the film, Dinesh says, “It was a great learning experience shooting for the movie. ‘Annanukku Jai’ is the need of the hour.”

Excerpts from his interview:

Q: Why is there a delay in completing ‘Annanukku Jai’?

A: It was on the floors for over four years. I started shooting after ‘Attakathi’. I began the shoot as a lover boy and later the movie took a political turn.

Q: Are there political dialogues in the movie?

A: Obviously, there is. And Radharavi has played a wonderful role. I became a fan of his after seeing him in the song ‘Poovae Sempoovae’. Now to share the screen with him was a learning experience.

Q: What is your role in ‘Annanukku Jai’?

A: I play an energetic youngster ‘Matta’ Sekar. Such men can be seen in almost all political parties. A power hungry youngster ready to do anything to become successful.

Q: Why a political movie suddenly?

A: Politics is part of every film. But it speaks in a different voice. All my earlier films, including ‘Attakathi’, ‘Thirudan Police’ and ‘Visaranai’ spoke politics in its own way.

Q: What is your take on your co-star Mahima?

A: All my co-stars have been wonderful. Mahima in ‘Annanukku Jai’ has done a fabulous job. She is a bundle of talent and added value to the script with her wonderful performance.

Q: Are you interested in politics?

A: I want good things to happen to society. We need a strong leader today. The State needs a change and it can happen only through politics. If my film contributes a little towards it, I am happy.

Q: What do you think about Rajini and Kamal entering politics?

A: I admire and adore them as actors. I love to watch their movies. And there ends my respect for them. I am not comfortable seeing them in politics.