Captain Vijayakanth celebrates anniversary in US

Chennai: The mood of the DMDK cadres is upbeat after a recent batch of photographs surfaced online showing their ‘Captain’ Vijayakant and his wife Premalatha celebrating their 29th anniversary by cutting a cake with their son Shanmuaga Pandian.

The DMDK chief has been plagued with health issues for the last three years. He has travelled to Singapore and USA for treatment multiple times during this period.

At a time when even political parties that have sprouted recently are making waves in political scenes, the DMDK which was once the second most popular party in the State is nowhere in prominence.

The DMDK cadres went down after Vijayakant left Chennai to go to America once again in December last year for treatment. So, Vijayakant’s camp has been releasing photos and video clippings of their leader at regular intervals to let their cadres know that Vijayakant health is improving.

Today’s photo of Vijayakanth, his wife and DMDK treasurer Premalatha and their son Shanmuga Pandian is the latest to be posted by the DMDK camp to let the world and their cadres know that their ‘Captain’ will return soon.