Chennai club gets recognised for its contribution

Shri Shakthi Magalir Mandram receiving award from Ilakkiya Cholai.

Community clubs are aplenty and omnipresent. But it takes time and passion to gain support and continue doing the good work they are committed to. One such association in the neighbourhood is Shri Shakthi Magalir Mandram that has become immensely popular in the locality within just two years of inception.

In conversation with News Today, the club president, Kala Ranganathan narrates the story behind it and much more.

“The secretary of the club and I were running a self-help group for about three years who later suggested of starting a club for women and we came on terms with it. Initially, we had only 13 members. We were just helping each other with their businesses. Later came a day we decided to do some activities,” Kala recalls, a resident of Voltas Colony.

Now, the club has around 60 members. When questioned about how she gathered so much support, Kala immediately credits News Today for it. “On reading the activities we conduct, we receive several calls requesting for joining us that pushes us to expand our ideals and aim high,” says a bright Kala.

Among its various activities, the members schedule orphanage visits to spend time with inmates. Of course, women’s day celebration organised by this mandram requires no special mention. “It was a cultural carnival, we had competitions for kids and women testing their abilities. It was fun throughout,” she says with all smiles.

The club also recognises unsung heroes who make our lives what it is on International Women’s Day. “Last year, we honored people like flower vendors and cloth pressers among many others. We meet them every day, but not often do we realise their contribution to our lives,” she shares.

And this year, the members presented awards to professionals for breaking barriers and carving a niche for them.
“We collect donation every month to provide educational assistance to a well-performing student hailing from underprivileged background,” shares Kala.

However, it is not just for education do they organise, but also for developing talents. Three months once, the members organise cultural programmes. “Little things matter a lot. There are several instances where we see school children overcoming stage fright and the next time they compere or get on the dias on their own volition,” adds she.

But the best part of being part of the community is that, we have never had internal politics and consider suggestions if any member shares, says she.

Much recently, the club won an award from Ilakkiya Cholai, a weekly magazine, for holding a wide range of beneficial activities to people.

Kala can be reached at 72990 27693 or 74484 25388.