Temple land in Nanganallur continues to be misused

Recently, the Madras High Court had delivered a verdict on the encroached land belonging to Pidari Panachiamman Temple in Nanganallur. However, causing displeasure to the residents, people continue to misuse the land by engaging in illegal activities.

Following the verdict, the residents are happy that the land has been declared to that of temple but are also worried about the indiscriminate misuse and abuse of the temple for over eight decades. “While garbage is being dumped in one side, a portion is used as a parking lot, tipplers can be seen loitering there and other such problems still persist,” noted Venkatesan, an octagenerian, with the aid from neighbourhood residents and influencers filed a petition seeking justice and followed it up continuously.

People of the locality are pinning down their hopes on Tamilnadu Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department (HR and CE). “The officials should wake up from the deep slumber that they are on and must construct a compound wall around the temple land to ensure that they comply with the High Court order and also for the welfare of temple.”

“The illegal offenders are depriving a revenue of around Rs 3 lakhs per month to the temple and to the government. The HR and CE officials must pull up their socks and collect revenue to earn its substantial perennial income for maintaining the temple,” points out Venkatesan.

He further stated that the temple tank has not been maintained in a long time. Residents in the locality recount how people tried hard to snatch the piece of land by abusing it for several years.

“After the advent of Nanganallur Cooperative House Building Society Scheme, the locality underwent a huge transformation as it got well-laid roads, palar warer supply, underground sewage and drainage system and the like. With development happening, the land prices began skyrocketing and the land was located in a prime area that wooed several people,” said he.