Residents in Nanganallur express concern over dug-up roads

While the residents of Nanganallur are happy that their long-standing problem of sewage leakage is being addressed, they show concern over the dug up-road that has been causing inconvenience to them. It is learnt that the project of fixing the sewerage lines is happening in south Nanganallur and is underway in a few streets.

Speaking about it, a resident under the condition of anonymity said, “For long, we were complaining about the slow flow of sewage water to the pumping area. We did not understand where the problem was as the streets are totally covered with tar and there are no manholes.”

Following which, people in the locality took the matter to the purview of respective government officials. When the authorities inspected the places, it is learnt that it was caused by the blockage in the sewage pipeline.

“I suppose the work kick-started last week and might take a few more weeks for completion,” added another resident. He further complained of rodent menace which enter the houses through the broken pipelines.

“The issue becomes more serious in summer as the water flow is not smooth whereas during monsoon, the flow is not hampered,” said the resident.

Though the effort is appreciable, the residents feel that the corporation must provide a solution to pass by without any problem. “Due to unequal surface, elders are finding it difficult to walk on the road,” he said.

The resident added, “The nearby narrow lanes are also bearing the brunt because of the project. We hope it will be wrapped up soon.”

Collectively, the neighbourhood people are planning to request the officials to monitor the pipelines often to ensure they do not suffer. When this paper tried to reach out to an official for acquiring details about the project, the calls were unanswered.