New play screened in a tribute to Cho Ramaswamy

TV Varadarajen (as Thuklaq) and PT Ramesh (as Cho) in action at the Tamil play ‘Thuklaq Durbar’ staged in T Nagar.

Chennai: In a tribute of sorts to actor, writer, political advisor, Cho Ramaswamy, dramatist TV Varadarajen came out with a new in play in Tamil- ‘Thuklaq Durbar’, with characters named Thuklaq and Cho.

The play staged recently at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Maharajapuram Santhanam Salai, attracted a packed audience, who cheered when both the popular characters appeared on stage.

About how the play was developed, TV Varadarajen said, “I am a great fan of Cho sir and admire his thoughts on stage and in real life.”

“I had the opportunity to showcase his evergreen drama ‘Endru Thaniyum Inda Sudanthara Thagam’ again in 2012, under his inauguration. The play got an overwhelming response from the audience and it is going to score a century shortly,” he said.

On ‘Thuklaq Durbar’, he stated, “Now being election time, I wanted to do a play with the characters Thuklaq (created by Cho sir) and Cho sir on the same stage.”

“I myself took up the role of Thuklaq and for the other character, actor PT Ramesh came forward. The script features political issues with a humorous touch. So far, we have staged the same at ten venues and people from various areas are inviting our group in the coming days,” he concluded.

Varadarajen, who has put up about 19 shows (including the above) in his career, can be reached at 94440 69292.