‘Nalinakanthi’ deals with the raga that can cure mental illness

Filmmaker Ponn Suhir, hailing from New York, is making his entry into Tamil cinema with a movie titled, Nalinakanthi.

He says, “The title refers to the Carnatic raga ‘Nalinakanthi’ which cures mental illness. Here in the film, Aadukalam¬†Jayabalan plays the central character of a surgeon suffering from mental illness. The story involves a nurse who comes to take care of him and the relationship between them and how society looks at them.”

Puvisha plays the nurse and veteran actress Kasturi has been brought on board for a crucial role. Jude Arohanam, a Western style composer, scores the music.

“There are several problems in society and everyone carries them in their mind. This movie depicts how one can solve his/her mental issues through music,” says Ponn Suhir.

Though it carries a message, there are enough commercial elements in it to engage and entertain the audience, he adds.