Tamilnadu MPs take oath in Tamil in Parliament, raise slogans


New Delhi: Members of Parliament from Tamilnadu today took oath in the 17th Lok Sabha that commenced here Monday.

Pro tem Speaker Virendra Kumar was in the Chair when the MPs took their oath.

Apart from the DMK MPs, Congress and Communist MPs and the AIADMK MP also took the oath in Tamil. But the slogans they raised after taking the oath were different for each one of them.

One common thread was that almost everybody said, “Tamizh Vazhga” (Long live Tamizh) after taking the oath.


While Thoothukudi MP (DMK) Kanimozhi said, “Tamizh Vazhga and Periyar Vazhga”, Central Chennai MP Dayanidhi Maran (DMK) put a lot of emotion into the “Tamizh Vazhga” slogan and pumped the air with his fist.

Some DMK MPs also added the slogan “Kalaignar Vazhga, Thalapathy Vazhga”, referring to late party supremo M Karunanidhi and present president M K Stalin.

The lone AIADMK MP, O P Raveendranath Kumar, who is also son of Tamilnadu Deputy Chief Minister O Panneerselvam, said, “Vazhga MGR, Jayalalithaa. Vande Mataram. Jai Hindi.” He was given a rousing reception with the BJP MPs thumping their desks.

Kanyakumari MP H Vasanthakumar wound up his oath-taking by saying, “Kamarajar Vazhga, Rajiv Gandhi Vazhga.”


Madurai MP S Venkatesan (CPI-M) concluded his oath-taking by saying, “Tamizh Vazhga, Marxism Vazhga.”

Perambalur MP (IJK) Parivendhar said into the mike, “Tamizh Vazhga, Indiavum Vazhga.”

Congress MP from Karur, Jothimani, raised the slogan, “Vazhga Tamizh, Valarga Thaayagam.”

Every time the Tamil MPs said “Vazhga Periyar” the treasury benches shouted, “Jai Sri Ram.”