Success scares me most, says Dhanush

“I am scared of success as it is diffi cult to handle’, says Dhanush. The actor’s international film – The Extraordinary Journey of a Fakir – saw its Tamil version Pakirri released recently. He played a young man, who is lost in Europe.

Dhanush says, “Rajinikanth (his father-in-law) was happy when he knew that I am doing this project and congratulated me. He is yet to watch the film.”

Q: How was it to be part of an international fi lm? 

A: I never plan things. I take whatever comes my way. Since Thulluvadho Illamai, I never set any goals for me. I acted, produced and directed movies. Fortunate to be part of Bollywood and now
international film has happened. I never went behind Fakir. It just happened.

Q: What convinced you to accept the movie?
A: Almost all international films had portrayed India as land of snakes, myth or poverty. But when
I read the script of Fakir, I was convinced that the makers are keen showcase cultural richness and
greater values of our country. So I immediately gave my nod.

Q: What has been the global response for Fakir?
A: It was overwhelming. Wherever the premiere happened, the audience gave a standing ovation
after the screening. It was a reward for our hardwork. It gave me immense satisfaction. I am fortunate to be part of the project.

Q: What did you learn being part of Fakir?
A: It was a learning experience shooting for it. Artistes from different countries have acted in it. I
observed them closely. I also unlearn a few things.

Q: How do you take success and failures?
A: I am scared of success as it is difficult to handle. I do my introspection whenever my movies fail.