Mugalivakkam residents complain about bad roads

Chennai: Even after eight years of being brought under the Greater Chennai Corporation, many interior areas in Mugalivakkam are left with poor and damaged roads.

“Three years ago, road laying work started here. The workers filled the stretch with stones, but after that there was no progress here,” says an angry resident Naveen.

“At the same time, another road was dug up for re-laying, but that too was halted mid-way. As a result, motorists taking these routes drive over the stormwater drains. Also, these areas are dense with narrow paths,” he rues. It is worse during monsoon, adds Naveen. “There is no way a four-wheeler can enter these routes when it rains. If at all a vehicle passes through this stretch, it gets stuck in the mud, and this leads to traffic. Minor accidents also take place on these roads.”

On top of this, a resident here complains that drinking water pipes are broken. “While everyone is facing crises, water that is leaking from these pipes remain stagnant and it adds up to the persisting issues,” states a resident.

An auto driver in this locality states that senior citizens find it difficult to take this route. He says, “The only way for the elderly to commute through here is to go by walk. Because no cabs or autos can come inside these interior areas.”

Neighbourhood residents are worried as to how they will face monsoon if the issue persists and want officials to take immediate action.