Killer Jeans makers looking for franchisee partners for all their brands

Chennai: Kewal Kiran Clothing Ltd (KKCL), the makers of Killer Jeans, has announced that it is looking for franchisee partners for all its leading brands that include Integriti, Easies, Desi Belle, etc.

The company commenced opening branded stores under franchisee model in 2004 and has so far opened more than 320 stores across India, it said in a release.

The recent acquisition of fusion wear brand Desi Belle has further strengthened the company’s brand portfolio, said the release, adding that this would help franchisee owners to increase footfalls to their stores.

“As a large and organised domestic player in the branded apparel segment, our aim has been to offer the best, innovative and unique products to our consumers spread across the country. Reigning for over three decades, now our core strength has been our network of more than 320 franchisees spread across 29 States and 209 cities covering the entire country. We have worked very closely with our franchisees to grow their business, in turn we have grown our business. For us our franchisees are our family and we have supported them both financially and emotionally through their thick and thin of the times. As our volume of business is growing, we are looking for more franchisee partners for life. Once we sign with an entrepreneur, as our franchisee partner we would like to work with them and their second and third generation,” stated chairman and MD, KKCL, Kewalchand P Jain.